Stabilometry (Balance Platform/Posturography)


  Analyzer platform (dimension 50 cm X 50 cm X 12 cm, weight 21 kg) with 3 sensors on the triangle of 400 mm of size, complete of electronic.
  CD ROM with the software for the windows systems.
  Windows 2000, XP or Vista.
  Monitor LCD 17” and support with settable height.
  Software for the rehabilitation feedback.
  Video hardware with double video connection .
  Graphic and numeric information of the time between the coordinates on the lateral and frontal plane, with indication of the minimum, maximum and medium values, in comparison with the normal statistic values.
  Calculation of the oscillation surface, based on the ellipsis that contains the 90% of the sample points.
  Graphic frequency spectrogram obtained by Fourier method (FFT) with separate evaluation of the oscillation on both the plans.
  Possibility to compare the test outcome with others obtained with same frequencies with numeric and graphics results (Romberg index).