2 channel audiometer.
  11 frequencies: 125 Hz to 8000 Hzl.
  Masking with Traking.
  -10 dB to 120 dB in 5 dB steps or 1 dB steps
  Stimuli: steady, pulse, warble
  Air conduction: TDH39 or DD45 in noise reduction headset
  Controlateral Masking Nbn
  Bone conduction: B71 with headband
  Masking: narrow band, speech noise and white band.
  11 frequencies: 125 Hz to 8000 Hzl.
  Speech audiometry via live voice or external CD player.
  Build-in microphone for talk-over/ live voice test
  Connection for bone, insert and mono free field
  Serial port for PC connection
  Integrated memory for 17 measurements
  External printer connection

AudioConsole software:
  User-friendly software solution for on-screen audiometry.
  Settings can be customised according to user preferences.
  Generate PDF reports.
  Noah compatible.

Manual and automatic tests:
  Manual test.
  20 dB automatic test.
  20 dB RANDOM automatic test.
  Variable automatic test.
  SISI test.