CM300 Three-Channel ECG

CM300 Three-Channel ECG, with standard LCD screen. Automatic measurement of ECG waveform and fully automatic waveform analysis report output. Huge electrocardiograms records system. Complete ECG information shown on the LCD screen.

  Automatic ECG waveform and parameter measurement.
  Complete digital design, wave digital filter. Automatic adjustment of baseline, amplification, and automatic lead Switch Single Color TFT Display (Resolution: 320 x 240). ThermalRecorder (80mm).
  Simultaneously 12 Leads Acquisition. Optional Selections for Rhythm Lead.
  High Resolution Thermal Printer, Synchronous Record Details of ECG Waveforms, name of leads, paper feed speeds gain, patients' information, and analysis reports, etc.
  Multi-language operation interface, Various Printout Format.
  Built-in Li-ion Battery, Support Uninterrupted Working Up to 2Hours.
  150 Digital ECG Records
  Optional Network Capability.
  Send Email of PDF Prints.