Oscila TSM300 Screening Tympanometer

Pressure range:

  Tympanometric pressure range: -300 to +200 daPa. Ipsilateral / Contralateral reflex test:
   5 frequencies: 500Hz, 1Khz, 2Khz, 3Khz and 4Khz    Test level of 105 dB at all frequencies
Probe tone:
   Frequency: 226 Hz ± 1%
   Amplitude: 85 dB SPL in 2ml, ± 3dB
   Built-in memory for 20 measurements
   Simplified use: turn on the device and insert probe
   Printing through parallel or serial port (Thermal Printer)
   NOAH compatible by the AudioConsole software
   PC connection to AudioConsole software via serial port
example2 Automatic probe seal:
   Test starts when you have full probe seal: makes sure that test conditions are 100% optimal.
Live on-screen:
   Graphic tympanogram and reflex test
   Middle ear pressure (daPa)
   Ear canal volume (ml)
   Compliance (ml) and tympanogram width (daPa)